Emerging Market

The world is changing - fast.

This is a moment of global change. Jurisdiction by jurisdiction, a century-old prohibition is coming to an end, and a potentially trillion-dollar market is coming into its own.

Already used to treat pain, nausea and other medical conditions around the world, cannabis will soon be legal for recreational purposes in Canada – the first G20 country to decriminalize it fully. In the United States and elsewhere, local leaders are also legalizing its retail sale and distribution. Indeed, the pace of change is accelerating, and within a decade the global cannabis market may well be worth $500 billion or more.

Canada and U.S. legal market forecast – 2029
$110 B1,2

Global market forecast – 2029
$500 B1,2
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As a truly global cannabis market emerges, a patchwork of the rules and regulations – many yet unwritten – will shape the industry. So will crop yields and supply chains, user habits and loyalties.

On its own, knowledge of cannabis will not be enough for companies to capitalize on the moment – no matter how big the market gets. Success will require equity to scale operations and meet demand, a deep understanding of complex regulatory frameworks and strategic insight into brand identity and consumer behaviour. Companies and investors alike will need a trusted, active partner like BlackShire Group to lean into this space.

After living through the dot-com boom, I know opportunity when I see it – and I see it in the cannabis space. Cannabis is a miracle plant that we have maligned for years. But by bringing experts and entrepreneurs together, and given the proven demand, we have the ingredients for success.
– Lyn Christensen, Managing Director