A page from our playbook.

The future is branded

Recent media attention has focused on agriculture, but the real future of the cannabis market is branded consumer products. In fact, today’s consumer cannabis market recalls the craft beer industry of the 1980s – with cannabis growers and hops producers occupying very similar roles.

BlackShire Group is building North America’s leading portfolio of branded edibles and THC businesses. Ultimately, a range of complementary brands and products – one to two in each major product category – will drive value for BlackShire investors and engender trust among consumers.

BlackShire’s focused product development team employs sophisticated market research, with granular visibility and insight in legal markets in Canada and the northwestern United States. It then looks at existing and emerging categories – including candies, chocolates and infused beverages – to ensure a comprehensive range of product offerings.

With a first-mover advantage, BlackShire Group is building value by executing letters of intent with high-potential companies, making strategic private equity investments and ensuring success through its unique EIR Program – all leading to a valuable initial public offering.