The BlackShire Approach

A thesis-driven approach to investing

A thesis-driven approach to investing

Cannabis and cannabis-related products represent one of the fastest-growing industries investors have seen in decades. Across North America and Europe, countless companies – from agricultural to pharmaceutical and retail – are trying to capitalize on the emerging legal market. Far too often, they lack the necessary capital or professional know-how needed to scale their business and products. They are unable to realize their potential on their own.

Enthusiasts in the emerging cannabis industry are committed to the craft, but some lack the keys for long-term success. They’re unintentionally holding themselves back. BlackShire Group recognizes this as an opportunity – and offers the discipline and coaching they need to succeed.

BlackShire’s team searches the globe for partners it can transform into winning players. It unearths great ideas, promising products and private companies with strong business models and high-growth potential that require both capital and acumen – the management pedigree, financial and regulatory background, and oversight experience necessary for success. In selectively acquiring meaningful stakes in category leaders and actively managing their growth, BlackShire Group develops, scales and monetizes the consumer brands that will define the define the markets for decades to come.

Capital, experienced management, deep market expertise – this is how we build real companies that can consistently generate high rates of return.