The Team

Experts – not enthusiasts.

Management overview

To realize their potential, high-growth private companies and promising consumer brands need experienced management to minimize risk, scale and execute. That’s exactly what BlackShire Group delivers; a leadership philosophy of shaping, not dictating.

Executive in Residence Program

Capital is not enough. That’s why BlackShire Group actively helps build its portfolio companies and enhance their returns through active management, in the form of a unique Executive in Residence (EIR) Program.

A select group of talented individuals – all experts in related industries, all experienced in acquisitions, all with proven C-suite bona fides – proactively looks for and vets sector-specific for opportunities to drive business growth. These are the primary architects of BlackShire’s thesis-driven investments.

BlackShire’s EIR's are positioned to take leadership roles in acquired portfolio companies, so that integrated talent can help enhance oversight, manage risk, mentor entrepreneurs and accelerate results. In this way, the EIR program complements the entrepreneurial spirit of BlackShire’s portfolio with the financial discipline and systematic capital planning required to succeed.

Experience plus oversight – that equals results.